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People-oriented, dedicated service, sincerely you and me

  Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm is a comprehensive legal service organization approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice. It currently has more than 20 employees (including the number of practicing persons in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Branch). The Institute is the key to fostering and supporting law firms in the “Three-Year Action Plan for the 3660” Project of the Large-scale Construction of Ningbo Law Firms under the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Justice. The Institute has been awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Law Firm” by the competent judicial bureau for many years, and has been awarded the honorary title of “Ningbo Law Firm's Comprehensive Target Evaluation and Winning Unit” for many years. In June 2018, it was awarded the honorary title of “2016-2017 Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by the Ningbo Municipal Lawyers Industry Committee.【See More】

Professional team

People-oriented, dedicated service, sincerely you and me

Business area

People-oriented, dedicated service, sincerely you and me

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Criminal Legal Affairs
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Corporate Equity
  • Securities and Capital
  • Intellectual Property
  • Maritime maritime
  • Medical Legal
  • Marriage and Family
  • Corporate Advisory Service

    1. Assist business leaders to correctly implement national laws and regulations and provide legal opinions on major business decisions of enterprises;
    2. Participate in the drafting and review of important rules and regulations of the enterprise;
    3. Manage business contracts and participate in the negotiation and drafting of major contracts;
    4. Participate in the important economic activities involving the enterprise's rights and interests, such as merger, division, bankruptcy, investment, leasing, asset transfer, bidding and company restructuring, and handle relevant legal affairs;
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    Criminal Legal Affairs Department

    1. Corporate criminal law risk prevention training and consultation
    2. Providing legal assistance to criminal suspects during the investigation phase
    3. Serving as a defender and litigation agent during the review and prosecution stage
    4. Serving as the first-instance defender of public prosecution cases
    5. Serving as the second-instance defender of the public prosecution case
    6. Attorney acting as a victim of a public prosecution case at the trial stage
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    Civil and Commercial Legal Affairs Department

    1. Traffic accident, medical damage, work injury accident damage compensation dispute
    2. Name rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy infringement disputes
    3. Contract disputes such as sales contracts, construction contracts, loan contracts, lease contracts, contract contracts, etc.
    4. Product quality damage compensation dispute
    5. Trade secret contract dispute
    6. Technical contract, computer network domain name contract dispute
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    Corporate Equity Legal Affairs Department

    1. Equity investment
    2, equity mergers and acquisitions
    3. Equity transfer
    4. Capital increase and share expansion
    5. Equity incentives
    6. Entrusted shareholding
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    Securities and Capital Markets Legal Affairs Department

    1. Conducting due diligence on the target company
    2. Provide customers with the best trading plan and meet various issuing requirements
    3. Draft and modify the prospectus for the client
    4. Help customers to correct defects in transaction structure or contract
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    Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department

    1. Patent, trademark, and copyright litigation
    2. E-commerce complaints
    3. Corporate Intellectual Property Legal Adviser
    4. Providing intellectual property dispute resolution solutions
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    Maritime Maritime and Foreign Legal Affairs Department

    2. Disputes such as loss of goods, damages and undelivered goods arising from maritime transport;
    3. Maritime accidents such as ship collision, oil leakage, marine breeding damage, casualties, etc.;
    4. Disputes such as bareboat chartering, time chartering, voyage chartering, etc.;
    5. Handling port accident disputes;
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    Medical Legal Affairs Department

    1. Analysis of the principle of liability and responsibility of medical infringement
    2. Physical storage and inspection procedures for medical sites
    3, medical record copying and storage procedures
    4. Autopsy procedure
    5. Negotiation procedures
    6. Mediation procedures
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    Marriage and Family Affairs Legal Affairs Department

    1. Premarital legal services
    (1) Gifts and dowry return disputes
    (2) Premarital property agreement dispute
    (3) Cohabitation relationship dispute
    2. Marriage legal services
    (1) Marriage property agreement dispute
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    People-oriented, dedicated service, sincerely you and me



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